Must read, before any claim for fishing benefits

Details About the Internships.

Hérault fishing with Robert Bouloc

All Internships include the following services, supply and loan of material for the techniques I propose:
- Prices down if several participants except "animation fishing coup" and "half-day in the maritime environment";
- Cannes;
- Reels;
- Small equipment and accessories;
- soft and hard lures (jigs, poppers, spoons, swimming fish, madai, inchiku, etc);
- Live or dead baits and primers withered, die, moths, maggots, worms, sardines;
- The free invitation on my boat (from the Port of Frontignan, Avenue des Ponds) to the fishing grounds;
- The free trip by car (departure from the meeting place between us), to the site of your choice or chosen on my advice;
- And of course advice on techniques, montages, environment, approach, safety, body language, sounder, etc.

A quality of professional and regulatory supervision, because the same leisure fishing is declared as Physical Activity and Sports (APS) which obliges obligation of diploma to animate, accompany, supervise, train and teach it against remuneration, the safety first and foremost; 

Before all reservations, take knowledge of the essentials! 
As you are direct actors of the service and this throughout this one, so actor of your own security, I specify you and announces before the beginning of the service, the instructions, rules of safety and attitudes to adopt according to the environment where we evolve; 
- Tell me if you can swim or not. 

- Participants must not enter strong currents, flood waters, laden with silts, driftwood, dark colors, and places and places of passages of canoes or boats; 
- Participants should not position themselves on ice jams, slippery rocks, over chasms, or on rocks overhanging the stream; 
- No fishing under power lines, valves, water intakes, dams, mills and hydroelectric plants (upstream and downstream) and during thunderstorms and / or lightning; 
- Vertiginous progressions are forbidden; 
- The progressions during lapping fishing are as horizontal as possible, and must be made without additional equipment (ropes, chutes, others); 
- They must have been attentive and adapted their attitude according to the environment, instructions and other users. 
- No alcohol or narcotics during all services. You will need a fishing card, it is in fact a compulsory membership to an Association approved for fishing and the protection of the aquatic environment (AAPPMA) which are local associations of type "Law 1901". 
Get closer to your local AAPPMA to get your card and online on the website of the National Federation for Fishing in France. 
You can join in the form of: "daily fishing card, holiday card (7 consecutive days), card major, card minor (12 to 18 years old), card discovery (under 12 years), card discovery woman, card inter. 
Contact your Departmental Federation for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment.

Here are the rules, instructions and safety attitudes to respect in MARITIME ENVIRONMENT EDGE and dice your presence on the BOAT activity support: 
- If you do not know how to swim, please tell me before; 
- Wearing the compulsory vest; 
- Participants must remain seated while sailing; 
- The participants must be monitored and be attentive to the waves, other users of the sea and also during the throwing phases (during the duration and all of the performances); 
- They must adopt an attitude adapted to each situation of flat or formed sea, to respect the instructions in navigation and / or in fishing action for example = to remain flexible on their legs in order to avoid any detrimental bounce or loss of balance and to remain attentive in all circumstances to the environment; 
- They must report any obstacles, debris, danger or other nuisance or that may cause a single risk for navigation; 
- Knowing that the benefits are canceled / postponed if waves are close to 1 meter high (force 4 on the Beaufort scale). 
- They must respect the safety instructions when fishing and must remain attentive in all circumstances to the environment in which they operate; 
- Equipped your glasses with floating cords. 
- Regarding the Evil To take your precautions before leaving, ask your pharmacist, or doctor. It would be a shame to shorten the fishing party! If it turns out that you have to return to port because of it, the entire day is and remains due. 
- The participants state that they are in a state of health allowing the practice of sport fishing and leisure, and not having a health history prohibiting the practice of this physical activity and sport. 
- It is up to you to inform me of all necessary information and allow me ESPECIALLY to adapt the "fishing" service (techniques, durations, fishes, environments, support of activities, others) for and in relation to the participant in the future before the signature of the contract. 
- The fish taken during the fishing party, (this is not guaranteed) are released, I practice without killing, charter of good conduct Monitors-Guides of French Fishing.

Information on the exercise frame of the Moniteur-Guide de pêche: 
First of all, he has received a training on the knowledge, the capacities and the management of the various Public, the security related to the Public, the techniques, the environments of evolutions and is thus graduated to do that. 
He has a professional sports instructor card issued by the Prefect, to teach the physical and sports activity that is fishing, even if it is "leisure". 
This professional card (valid for 5 years) has black and white conditions of exercise, ie in freshwater and sea, because it is necessary to have the unit capitalizable and complementary to the BP JEPS "Fishing" to exercise at sea , it's the law. 
He provides you with a quotation, an invoice, a number of SIRET in relation with his profession of sports educator, has subscribed a professional liability insurance in relation to his activities and his job and is declared as a Physical Activity Establishment and Sportswoman (EAPS) at the Prefecture. Notwithstanding some, and considering Order n ° 2006-596 of May 23, 2006 relating to the legislative part of the Code of Sport NOR: MJSX0600023R (still in force) and more precisely to article 9: 
"No person may teach, supervise or give remuneration for a physical activity or sport, as a principal or secondary occupation, on a regular, seasonal or occasional basis, or take the title of teacher, instructor, educator, coach or any other title similar, if he does not hold a registered diploma, according to the level of training to which it corresponds and the occupations to which it gives access, on a list of homologation of the diplomas of the physical and sports activities ". 

In addition he must know the fishing laws and regulations, and this in order to offer you the technique associated with a species of fish, so that he can teach you during legal openings, and if it is necessary with nominative authorizations (eg for bluefin tuna). The proposed actions and benefits: 
- Possibilities of mixing courses in freshwater and sea environments, techniques, durations and sought-after fish; 
- A huge choice of duration of services, alone or between knowledge (evolutionary list); 
- Possibility to pay in 3 times without charge; 
- Right of withdrawal of 10 days after signature of the contract; 
- Specific rates: for the edge (surf-casting, rock-fishing, shore-jigging, on the Rhône canal in Sète, wolf fishing) and teaching fishing on your boats; 
- A listening, a study of your requests, and an adaptation on my part, within the limit of achievable; 
- A max of infos and advices on the fishing will be brought to you, nothing is hidden, nor secret; 
- An estimate and an invoice are proposed to you; If we can not perform the service due to weather or other reasons (serious) = refund of the deposit or report. 
- Coaching individually, or in groups, for the purpose of discovery, initiation, progression and improvement in the techniques that I propose to you; 
- Advice on: fishing and its numerous techniques, the approach, the gestures, the basic safety, the attitudes in the environment, the environment, the material, the materials, the assemblies, the on-board electronics, the specific layouts on your boats. 
- What can be practiced in winter as fishing by boat or on board? 
Well on the edge: surfcasting, rockfishing, bait support canal, quiver tip, lures, fly complement streamers; 
By boat: from the vertical using Madaï, inchiku, jig, Tenya and Kabura, to bait support, heavy drop shot adapted to the Mediterranean currents; 
But we can also come to perfect in all these techniques, with the implementation of fixtures, knots, specific throws, preparation of a broumé (primer), practical and technical advice, everything is proposed to you with respect for your choices.

For which occasions? 
All the pretexts are good and all the occasions and events are so, mlaisr to offer and to make pleasure (...). 
Some ideas and opportunities: 
- Corporate gifts to their suppliers, partners, customers, current and future employees; 
- Valentine's Day ; 
- Birthday, Christmas, Engagement, Wedding, 
Retirement or Family Gifts; 
- Feast of Grannies, Mothers, Papys, Fathers; - For the holidays ; 
- To try and discover the fishing, to learn a technique, or to improve in a technique, or on the environment; 
- To please yourself or for the pleasure of offering a gift out of the box; 
- To share your passion with friends, to be loved; 
- Make a surprise atypical example: Your marriage proposal on the boat and during the fishing party and that face to face with my complicity; 
- And discover the aquatic environments. 
Your requests and needs: I propose to study your needs and requests in order to better understand your wishes, with writing a personalized quote, to offer you a thoughtful and quality partnership. The list is not stopped, I am at your service to design all your requests. Do not hesitate to contact me. For a quote, do not hesitate to contact me by mail, it's free, Robert Herault fishing monitor. 

You can also ask me to make gift cards fishing courses and this to offer your loved ones so precious. Note that for gift cards, the full balance is requested at the reservation, because it is not the same person who reserves and who comes to learn to fish in my company. 

Dear Internauts, for my part: 
I am learning fishing and its various techniques in the form of courses and pedagogical sessions, with the greatest respect for the profession, and codes transversal to the profession. Please, book your fishing courses well in advance! Robert BOULOC at 06 03 78 48 78. 
On your phones! Why ? 
Because between the marine weather, the bookings of other trainees, and the services in progress, it is necessary for you organize courses worthy of the name, to take the time to book well in advance. 
Joy of sharing, pleasure of fishing, honor to meet you, our constructive exchanges, make the happiness of the Occitan that I am. 

"Tell me the nhaca, come and join the pesca in my companhiá, Robèrt." 

"To have morale and joy, come learn fishing with me, Robert.

" No more hesitation, come to OCCITANIE discover fishing techniques with BOBY.