Information on the prices of Fishing Instructors-Guides

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Given that some present the prices of Fishing Instructors and Instructors-Guides (MGP) as high and without seeking to understand, they put forward non-graduates, non-holders of professional cards (criminal record control on pedophilia, acts of violence on Minors / Adults, use of narcotic products and / or spirits, facts of common rights ...), which will not be covered (insurance) in the event of events affecting the moral and physical integrity of the participants in the supervision in fishing, I come to bring to everyone's attention the global explanation of the costs for the Fishing Instructors-Guides who are in administrative and fiscal rules, here are the reasons for the costs not "high", but justified :
- they are trained and know the public and safety adapted to each age group and according to cognitive capacities and
physical activity of each public calling on the services of the Fishing Instructors-Guides;
- they, they are holders of a professional card, with once a year control by the Sports Police of Criminal Record No. 2;
- they, they pay 25% (average) to the state on what they / they earn for example on 100 €, of entry 25 € goes to the state;
- most of them provide you with all the fishing equipment, rods, reels, hard and soft lures, baits, small accessories;
- you only pay for the service provided by the fishing M-G, they don't charge you for fuel, baits are included in the prices.

Take the example, go rent a boat with a license, which depending on the season, the capacity of reception of numbers of people, the port (locality), the number of hours of rental (2 to 4 hours for these examples), the average rates vary for 1 HOUR of RENTAL from € 47.5 / HOUR to € 85 / HOUR, knowing that these rates ARE:
- EXCLUDING fuel, you will have to refuel at the port (more expensive) before returning the boat (to add in addition to your rental);
- EXCLUDING fishing equipment (BE CAREFUL, even the free provision of fishing equipment is subject to diplomas) rods, reels, hard and soft lures, small accessories, overall stocks in the event of breakage or loss;
- OUT of course, advice, help, support, tips, given by the fishing GM on respect for biodiversity, environmental education, promulgation and invitation to respect fish, aquatic environments as a whole and all waters in all its forms, fishing, fish, techniques, environments, legal sizes of catches and openings, knots, rigs, baits, hard and soft lures, technical gestures, the explanation and interpretation of the information sent by the sounder and the bathymetry, the possible possession of a fishing authorization for specific fish, the postures plus the technical and safety attitudes to be implemented in fishing, the invitation to respect other users (boaters, authorities) of aquatic environments;

- AND THE MOST IMPORTANT with a professional, gestures, gestures, SAFE attitudes, that know, and implement the MG-P fishing because they, they have been trained in this, to ensure basic and particular safety (example COVID by obligation of the State) of the Public, in particular their moral and physical integrity. Professionals are not considered as the Judges in justice say "the good father of the family", understand here that they are responsible for the supervision because they are trained to practice in a "PROFESSIONAL" environment other than family and friendly with sharing of charges.

So if you find the prices are too high, I will give you a concrete example:
- a service of 100 € for 4 hours of supervision, the professional gives 25 € to the state (taxes), he will buy 2 boxes of bait (16 to 20 € for one person), it will be necessary for those who use an activity support = example the boat put gasoline (20, 40 liters? It is always different according to the navigation time, the state of the sea, the lake, the pond or the river, the wanted fish, the number of people on board, the power and the tonnage of the boat), it deducts the maintenance (8% of the boat price), the place in the port (between 1400 and 2000 €) and the insurance of its boat which also varies (1), his Professional Civil Liability insurance 60 € per year thank you the FFMGP and the SFFMGP (2), his mileage costs that also vary (3) if he uses his car to go to the meeting ( 1, 2 and 3 spread over the year), this adds significant professional costs. 

Also with depreciation and maintenance of fishing equipment in addition to the sounder, GPS map reader-plotter, VHF and safety equipment (PPE, rockets, fire extinguishers, vests, raft, beacon ...)

So how much can a Fishing Instructor-Guide pay per hour? Knowing that the average minimum wage in France in NET and by the HOUR is € 8.03.

It is deplorable that we underestimate the physical and sporting activity that is the supervision and teaching of fishing, and that some classify it below other sporting, physical or leisure activities in the professional context. .

From ADDITION, the FFMGP and its SYNDICATE the SFFMGP, since 2017, both tired of the flowering of:
- false fishing M-G (those who rent their boats claiming to be a skipper, or claim to "accompany fishing or share the costs is prohibited);
- WEB advertising sites which connect individuals (not within the family framework) to go fishing (co-fishing and co-sharing fishing is prohibited;
- all those who mislead more endangering the public (but also themselves legally!).
= provide information on the profession, its regulations and standards, offer all Actors (State, sovereign authorities, local elected representatives, tourist services, others) to stop all of this.
QUID of responsibilities (...) at ALL LEVELS in the event of events involving the moral and physical integrity of the public by non-professionals.

The FFMFP, the SFFMGP informemnt, propose to stop all this inaction on public insecurity, illegal and disguised work, in addition to support by their Councils, can no longer, we will say unfortunately (I want to underline it), that to await the knowledge of a serious fact, caused by a false Instructor-Guide of fishing, but also by those which put them in relation, and those which were in the current and which did nothing to avoid a fatal event or with serious and irremediable consequences. So the Representatives of the profession will be strong, to bring all this to court.

Very clearly, if some people turn a deaf ear or try to understand, if they wish, that they do not call in a professional, but please do not criticize in order to criticize, keep silent as when do not know what we are talking about and what we are helping with illegal work.

Worse, in 2020 we have to justify the whole when the diploma has existed since 2003 for fresh water and 2006 for the maritime community, it is a scandal.

Sportingly your professional fishing instructor-guide