My Charter


Here are some of the commitments and actions that I am implementing for Interns, Partners and Institutions: 

I am committed to : 

- respect the legal dates of fishing openings for sea and freshwater fish; 

- respect the privacy and the life of my Interns; 

- respect schedules, boaters, fishermen, riparian owners, environments, wildlife and flora; 

- give up a service if the weather does not allow, to repay the deposit or postpone the service; 

- to make public safety first and foremost by implementing standard protocols, but zero risk does not exist; 

- improve these protocols; 

- do not hide anything from the public about fishing and its techniques, especially about the nick secrets of fishing ...; 

- try to make you find "fishing solutions", your problems on gestures, montages, techniques, taking fish; 

- be sincere towards you on your level and progress; 

- never guarantee the catch of fish during my services, but make every effort to (it is the fish that decides); 

- to practice responsible fishing and eco-citizen; 

- remain at your disposal before and after the service, for advice and advice (fishing and its different contexts); 

- find solutions and adapt my services of sports activities "fishing" to the demands of the Public; 

- voluntary to accept the criticism, through the questionnaires "satisfactions Trainees papers", in order to improve my services;

- to promote the profession of Moniteur and Guide de Pêche, and work to satisfy the Publics, the Partners; 

- to support and highlight the confreres who, like me, share the common values of the profession in its context; 

- only advertise and announce that what I do practice, I mean the techniques, environments; 

- do not do the "ready Name" and therefore lend diplomas and Siret, to anyone; 

- enhance and protect my area of life and fishing practice; - do not leave waste in the environment; 

- participate in promotional activities on fishing and environmental protection; 

- try through services and therefore public, improve myself and therefore constantly question me; 

- be as clear and precise as possible during our meetings and speeches on fisheries. 

- On half a day we do not come to "learn all techniques" so be too pushy on a technique or several, but try to fish by implementing a few knots, montages and basic precise gestures, to do the initiation / "recreational" discovery;

Choosing Your Internships With Robert, What Are The Differences?

- On a day we will be able to 'develop a technique', or improve when we practice already; 

- The courses of 2, 3 and 4 days are really specific contributions on fishing, on specific techniques that is, and remains your wish that may be achievable. 

- For the "specific fishing day pelagic", there is nothing I think, to add it is explicit. Without you "knock out" of contributions, I am here to bring you the means plus the technical and manual tools, in order to improve you in the technique of your choice, with always in mind your autonomy and your pleasure. 

I always keep the first truth above all; that all participants share the same passion for fishing, fish and the aquatic environment, or come to discover them. 

At your service, I bring support, lead you to progress in your preferred technique, and put all work, experience, professionalism, smiles and good mood, to share a moment of conviviality. 

My job, knowledge, years spent around, in and on the water, my professional duties, allow me to offer advice and following your frequency of practice: 

on safety; The approach ; technical gestures; the positioning ; observation and on the canes; lures; reels; baits; electronics; the tricks of the elders collected during interesting meetings and some good corners. 

But also on the attitude that must adopt the fisherman in front of events that may occur in fishing (especially by boat), helping you to enhance and transform the excitement (or stress) cause during the fishing party, which sometimes we lose our means. 

With the general public, I try to favor the development of the fishing, the protection of the aquatic environment, the economy of the water, the protection of the piscicultural resource, the respect of the natural environment, the respect of the fishes, the fishermen , riparian owners, boaters, and personal and sustainable development. 

How is this possible? Because all my services are based on sincere and honest exchanges brought by welcome questions and a common reflection. 

Without bringing back his knowledge, here it is you who choose! When we go fishing, each situation is different because it is shaped by the weather, the seasons, the direct environment of the fish, our physical state, the previous facts about the environment. 

Therefore each fishing party is really a new action, I can even tell you that on a day of fishing, it is itself shaped by these exogenous factors. 

Rivers, oceans, seas, and ponds, fish, techniques, evolve too, pollution, profit and incivility at the edge of the water are also for a few reasons. 

For tourism and leisure professionals, a Moniteur-Guide is at its scale, a pivot or is articulated seasonal rentals, catering, bait and fishing equipment, electronics, sale and maintenance of boats , ports, real estate, etc.

A whole economy is grafted around a monitor-guide fishing, this brings food for thought... 

Learning is a big word, but in all family, professional or leisure activities, we learn every day, developing our know-how, opening our mind and helping with our power of reflection. Get out of the box and give yourself the means to succeed, because we all have our limits in terms of knowledge, time and patience. 

So at this point, the partnership with a monitor-fishing guide can be very useful. We must give ourselves the means to try to select the fish, for the adrenaline thrills, leading us to think that nature is fascinating, generous or stingy, we owe him the respect we have for our children, and this, for our children. 

Fishing is a physical activity and sports, it must remain a hobby, but at the same time in a very serious. 

For many other fishermen and people who revolve around the fishing world, fishing is synonymous with rest, conviviality, leisure, holidays, sun, friendship, family, sport, decompression, relaxation, fraternity between the generations. 

Keep in mind that the last decision maker for fishing is fish, you have to deal with this truth. 

There is also this very good reason: possibility to pay in 3 times without fees by check.

Moreover, as a professional instructor teaching fishing: a personalized study with free quotation, signing of the partnership in form and with the establishment of a contract for coaching physical and sport activities "Fishing", supplying an invoice , advice beforehand, during and after the service, on the techniques fishing equipment and fixtures, the good corners by my home, the specific facilities fishing on your boats. 

Here everything is done to delight you from A to Z ...

"Occitanement" Robert Bouloc.