Operation My Wish KINDER

Partner of Operation My Wish Kinder

1 For  50 years KINDER organized this operation "MY WISH KINDER", I am partner more information by following these links:
- Home: https://www.kinder.com/en/uk/kinder-50-ans

- Rules of the game kinder: https://club.kinder.fr/realisez-votre-voeu/reglement
- the activity map: https://club.kinder.fr/realisez-votrevoice/voeux/card
- For the lucky winners: https://club.kinder.fr/realisez-votrevoice/identification/1571

2 - I invite all the winners to send me as soon as possible to the following address: contact.boby. peche@orange.fr by determining your: Name, surname, address, e-mail, phone, age, and the winning newsletter.
This allows you to better prepare the service with you.

3 - The service provided by me may:
- be organized until 30/06/2019;
- will be done in a single group performance with all winners;
- one date will be the winners and your Monitor-Fishing Guide, this date will be stopped to the greatest number of people;
- be organized in freshwater or possibly in maritime environment and from the edge only for the 2 environments;

4 Contract Agreement, Reservation and Order No. "2018/10/06 TLC KINDER".
Business contract, sport fishing in freshwater, for << KINDER >> activities, I want to become a fisherman >>. Dates of the evaluation from 02/04/2018 to 30/11/2018
This contract complements and is established between Mr. TRUE Nicholas Representative of the TLC Marketing Company and signatory of the contract. TLC Marketing Company at its headquarters at 92 Avenue de Wagram 75017 Paris phone: 0140271353 or 0140271336 E-mail: marietherese.ndiaye@tlcmarketing.com or Faycal.Mokeddem@tlcmarketing.com and Mr. Robert Bouloc Monitor-Professional fishing guide, mail: contact .boby.peche @ orange.fr mobile 06 03 78 48 78 correspondence address 10 rue du Terme Rouge 34570 Pignan and signatory of the contract.

Purpose of this contract drawn up in two copies:
Freshwater fishing for 2 hours Expected date; To be defined between the 10/06/2018 and the 30/06/2019.
Meeting point: on site following the frequentation of the site the day envisaged of the service. In any case I undertake to inform all participants of the future venue. Freshwater fishing technique: Peach fishing. Fish wanted: roach, bream, bleak, rudd, others. I reserve the choice of the date with the current price of the winners of the gift vouchers. It's up to the winners to present good gifts to my services.

- TLC and KINDER will have to provide me their Logos and the URLs of their Websites, in order to put them forward, as partners and advertising on my website: www.peche-du-sud-loisir-et- culture-halieutique.fr
The Logos will be removed from my site once the campaign is over on the offer "I want to become a fisherman".
Fee Fresh Water for 2 hours of service for 10 participants defined below: For the campaign "KINDER I want to become a fisherman" at maximum 5 groups of 2 people, consisting of; 1 child or teenager under 18 accompanied by an adult (legal representative or invested with these powers); or 10 adults. All will be able to practice.
- Invoice Settled according to your contract page 1, without payment no service will be engaged by Mr. Robert Bouloc.

- For all activities with children under 18 years old, I ask the Representatives or the Parents for a handwritten certificate authorizing the child to do the catch fishing service with Mr. Robert Bouloc. This certificate will be signed by both parents or legal representatives of the child, without this certificate not of reception of my children.
"VAT not applicable, Article 293 B of the General Tax Code". SIRET: 534 986 997 00011, Sports Educator code NAF / EPA 8551Z, "Exempted registration at RCS and RM, pursuant to Article L.123-1-1 of the Code of Commerce". Liberal profession. RC Pro Service Provider AXA PLÉIADE POLICE: 675047304.
For the winners of the gift vouchers made available by "Kinder" and "TLC":
- They are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
If family members or non-winners of gift vouchers want to participate "in addition", to the benefit:
- They must have their fishing cards and pay in advance a fixed supplement of 25 € per person.
- I will accomodate in addition to the 10 people already planned by the campaign "Kinder I want to become a fisherman", a small number of people that is to say a maximum of 4 adults or 2 children accompanied by an adult each.
You have chosen freshwater fishing:
Participants will practice exclusively on the fishing rod. If the fish are present (which is not guaranteed), and depending on the season, you will be required to search for several species using the technique of fishing "coup".
Services included in the services
They are for 2 hours, and they include the services, the provision and the loan of following equipment for the techniques which I propose to you: canes, baits, lines, landing net, net, primer, small equipment (threads, hooks ...);
Services not included in the service
- Your return trip to the meeting place that will be fixed: for hygiene reasons Waders, boots, waders, caps, glasses. And accommodation, meals, catch of fish, daily fishing card.
Service reservation
- The booking is recorded upon receipt of the payment of 300 € net. And after signing and returning the contract herein. You have a withdrawal period of 10 days after the signing of this contract.
Our mutual obligations
- If the participants do not show up on the day of the R.D.V set without warning, no date transfer will be set and the service will be considered as made.
- I reserve the right to cancel the service, for security reasons occurring during the forecast weather events described below: storm, lightning, strong wind, flood. We will set with the participants a postponement of date (according to our common availabilities).
Attention the service can be shortened if:
- An unplanned and dangerous change of weather for safety occurred during fishing.

Wellbeing reminder:
According to the seasons, the participants must not forget: warm and waterproof clothing and change, cap, sun protection, sunglasses, a bottle of water and at least a folding chair.
Your responsibility before the service and in fishing action:
- Dear partners and participants, I inform you of the interest for you, to take out a personal insurance contract, covering the bodily injury to which your sports and outdoor activities can expose you. (This remains your choice). Inquire with your insurance "Multi risks homes" which often cover your sports and outdoor activities. If applicable, please provide me with a certificate of insurance covering your outdoor activitys
- All physical, moral, and material violations caused intentionally, accidentally or not, to the users of watercourses and riparian owners, or to their personal effects, "during your fishing activity", resulting in physical injury, moral and financial, are your sole responsibility. The same is true for all accidental / intentional or non-intentional damage caused to natural environments.
- I disclaim any liability for accidents, events occurring during my services, involving the person or persons present during my services, which bring them physical, moral, material and financial damage to themselves and their personal belongings and those caused by the non-observance of the rules, instructions and safety attitudes described below, which will be recalled and stated on the day of the service and before departure in the frame of a freshwater fishing sport activity and / or or at sea.
As the participants are the direct actors of the delivery, of their own security and this throughout, I specify and announce before the beginning of the service, the instructions, rules of safety and attitudes to adopt according to the medium or we evolve
Here are the rules, instructions and safety attitudes to respect in freshwater:
- If the participants can not swim, please tell me before:
- Participants should not turn their backs on the water, run, push themselves at the water's edge, enter the water for any reason, into strong currents, floodwaters, loaded in silts, in driftwood, in dark colors, and in place and places of passages of canoes or boats;
- Participants should not position themselves on ice jams, slippery rocks, over chasms, or on rocks overhanging the stream;
- No fishing under power lines, valves, water intakes, dams, mills and hydroelectric plants (upstream and downstream) and during thunderstorms and / or lightning;
- Vertiginous and vertical progressions are forbidden;
- The progressions during lapping fishing are as horizontal as possible, and must be made without additional equipment (ropes, chutes, others);
- They must have remained attentive and adapted their attitudes according to the instructions given by myself, the environment (space of evolution), the weather, and other practitioners and users.
- The participants state that they are in a state of health allowing the practice of sport fishing and leisure, and not having a health history prohibiting the practice of this physical activity and sport. To you to inform me all necessary information and allowing the adaptation by my care, of the provision of "fishing" (techniques, durations, sought-after fishes, environments, support of activities, others) for, and in relation with the participants to the future benefit.
- The breakage or loss of the fishing equipment at your disposal free of charge, canes, reels, landing net, remain at your expense and I will ask you to pay their purchase price to new.
- The following material is considered "consumable": nylons, pellets, baits, fluorocarbons, hooks, swivels, so if breakage or loss no consequences for you.
- In case of use of natural baits such as aquatic and terrestrial larva, trichoptera, grasshopper, others, collected on the fishing grounds, those which will not be used, will be put back in their respective environments at the end of the fishing party.