Details Fishing M-G

Monitor-Fishing Guide
A Regulated and Normed Trade in France.

Hello to all, I come to "clarify, inform" "those who would try to appropriate for pecuniary reasons or egos, but also to the attention of the general public who is entitled to know what is the actual legislation and regulations of the Trade of Monitor-Guide fishing in freshwater and marine environment.

1) Firstly the professional branch coaching, animation, teaching, guidance and training up to the 1st level of competition in the Physical and Sports Activity (APS) Fishing and this against remuneration and very satisfied to be consulted on its future .

2) The recreational fishing UCC is entitled "Marine environment" and allows to supervise the edge and boat in the maritime environment and not only "sea" (decree of 2006 and its appendices).

3) The objective set by the Ministry of Sports (3 million additional practitioners) "can not" to the detriment of the public and their security, their physical and moral integrals be set aside by anyone.

4) The BPJEPS were created by Decree in 2001, this following a desire to protect public applicants for APS supervision services, because there is obligation of good repute, insurance according to the code of sport Article L.321-7 and not as a licensee of a sports federation, which has nothing to do.

5) The BPJEPS what it is = a Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport. So this State Diploma allows the supervision of Minors and Major audiences. Hence the fact of a profession Normed (RNCP) and Regulated by issuing a "Professional Card" by the prefects because there is control over morality, backward judicial, criminal, correctional, civil, that to protect the public .

6) Not only the pro card but also a medical certificate of no contraindication to coaching and practice in the sports or physical discipline. Check on criminal records and done once a year by the Ministry of Sports.

7) It is intolerable that some people grant themselves the rights and conditions of exercises notified black and white on the professional card.

8) Then people for interests that are to serve some make serious announcements effects by publishing on the web that there is "no gradian qualification in our branch" and well let me say that you make mistakes (or intentional and deliberate intention to harm).

9) Check out what I am saying in Appendix II-1 of Article A.212-1 of the French Sports Code. All is clear for those who would like this risky to assert and do a standard job in the field of Sport.

10) No current regulations speak about trade for the Monitors-Guides of fishing, they are teachers, service providers, they do not sell goods, to believe that the answers of the Senate and the National Assembly have a legal value is to the wrong side on the side Fiscal. There are TGIs for that. see here

11) Do not confuse "they market their benefits" and, "they do the teaching of a PSA".

12) Following Jurisprudence dated March 15, 2018 (TGI Bordeaux) this entails no legal insecurity as you claim, the insurers who cover us and who have stopped covering COBATUREURS Fishing, because question was asked by the FFMGP to our 2 ministries of Sports and Agriculture supervision (Formerly MAAPAAR) to know which diplomas is recognized to supervise the Fishing, the only one which is normed and regulated profession = BPJEPS "Specialty" Recreational fishing and associated and inseparable to practice in middle at its UCC Recreational fishing in the marine environment.

13) Or have seen in a decree, decree ordinance, or instruction, that the Monitors-Guides of fishing in marine environment (not in "sea") have to be holder of a diploma of the merchant navy? Consulted rather the Decree 84-810 on the safeguarding of the human life at sea and precisely in point 3.2 in a), here it is more than clear To be well noted. Nobody can say I did not know ...

14) The set announced above is "supported" by the TGI of Bordeaux, and a ranking without continuation for that of Evreux.

15) The legal uncertainty is registered in the Ordinance 2006-596 Article 9 which codifies the legislative part of the Code of the Sport and is intended for those who would like to say to themselves or to do a normed profession I quote the article: "No one may teach, supervise or animate, for remuneration, a physical activity or sport, as a principal or secondary occupation, on a regular, seasonal or occasional basis, or take the title of teacher, instructor, educator, coach or any other similar title, he does not hold an enrolled diploma, according to the level of training to which he corresponds and the professions to which he gives access, on a list of homologation of the diplomas of the physical and sports activities. "

16) Moreover in 2017 the French Ministry of Sports has made it clear in a downloadable document entitled "EAPS": A physical activity or sport establishment (EAPS) is defined as any entity that organizes the practice of an activity physical or sports. The gathering of a cluster of clues makes it possible to identify it: fixed or mobile sports equipment (boats, horses, paragliders, etc.), physical activity or sport (APS) and duration. The EAPS regulations therefore consider sport clubs, regardless of their legal status (associative or commercial), the nature or conditions of the sports activity practiced (paid benefits "or not" of teaching, supervision, accompaniment "or simple provision of equipment), as well as the rental of sports equipment or the holiday and leisure centers when their main activity is the practice of one or more sports activities.

17) Moreover, this document also specifies that among other items (honorability, relief, posting, diplomas, insurance, administrative and penal measures, the particular rules organizing certain physical or sports activities): The operator of an EAPS is to inform the prefect of any serious accident. The same is true of any situation presenting or having presented serious risks by their probability and their possible consequences for the health and the physical or moral security of the practitioners. Here we must understand any situation of "almost accident" potentially dangerous but which has not given rise to an accident resulting in bodily injury.

18) According to the points N ° 15, 16, 17 = we bring to the attention of all and all this: the professionals reserve the right to give ALL necessary measures to stop all advertisements "granting themselves" the conditions of exercises of the profession of MG of Fishing and, all "usurpations" of professional title of our branch.

19) With common sense for those who would like to rub shoulders, it is time to go to graduate, because that "leaves" the responsibility of his children, his family, his friends to untrained people to supervise a APS? You?

20) The professional branch of Moniteurs-Guides de Pêche does not wish a revision "legislative and regulatory" of its diplomas as you say, you speak in the name of Moniteur professionnel which they are in order and which are the only ones to be recognized " actor "professional.

21) As specified by appointment at the Ministry of Sports with the person who made the answer on the "deregulation" of certain trades, (things we do not wish in any way and with convictions and arguments = "the public and their securities") is that the Ministry of Sports, its regional and departmental offices that are designated as "Sports Police", associated with the repression of fraud and all other regal authorities (maritime, fluvial, other) will control to refocus on the safety of practitioners and others. Principle of precautions.

22) There is another European directive which specifies that for all reforms or reorganization of a normed profession, the member states must apply this "FOR the common good" and not commercial or associative or in the interest of one or the other.

23) We assume and hope for the great commitment of the Minister of Sports to the safety of any public, because they are values of the Republic. This will be done on a case-by-case basis and we will be there if we are invited, because who can best talk about his job, his prerogatives, his changes, training needs, the needs of professionals, and all the others? points that are cross-cutting to different codes, well? It's just professionals and let them have the chance to do it, they will meet the expectations of all.

24) What surprises us is this, (how to say without hurting anyone), interest "sudden" for the profession, professionals and the profession. The professional branch, if you want more verifiable, concrete, real information can provide that.

25) But thank you we must still say, the history of diplomas of the merchant marine, the so-called "no standard to exercise", it begins to annoy the professionals that we are.
Robert Bouloc.