First your monitor-fishing Guide, Mr. Robert BOULOC, each year an insurance of responsibility Civil Service Provider professional and this following the articles L.212 - 1 to L.212 - 8, L321-1-321 - 9, D.321 - 1 to D.321 - 5 of the Code of the Sport.

Professional civil liability insurance is mandatory for all physical activities and sports management professionals (A.P.S) defined by the Code of the Sport in one of the following functions; Professor, instructor, educator, coach or facilitator of the A.P.S.

The boat activity, use of training support is also covered for the teaching of fishing and that in civil liability.

Under Article L321-4 of the Code of the Sport, in case of application of training in my company:

-I am required to inform you of the interest that presents for you, the subscription to a contract of insurance covering personal injury to expose you your sports practice.

If you have it, please provide me with a certificate of insurance covering your outdoor and sports activities as part of your applications for courses.