About M. Robert BOULOC.

An independent status.

Since 2011, Mr. Robert Bouloc is monitor - professional Guide of fishing practices in liberal Profession and so in its own name.

Professionally, he only has that the profession of instructor-marine and freshwater fishing guide.

After consideration of your applications may offer you solutions to your queries only for your applications.

Requests that it fit better depending on your level of technique and practice, your age, the term desired (or recommended), looking fish, the desired environment, the medium used, the technique and the number of participants.


Thanks to those who contributed. Regards Robert.

Pierre Valero
2-day learning fishing fly and the spoon with an extremely passionate professional who put you in the best conditions and that distilled you all the tips to bring you the best of this art and this in respect of the environment. Bob forward 3 days to come up with more fishing in sea and thank you for giving me the virus and communicate your passion. It is a very great pleasure and honor to recommend you. See you soon. P.V

Gregory BAUD
2 wonderful days with you thank you very much. A lot was listening. I learned a lot very professional... I have the intention to return very soon to learn even more with you.

Nicolas Brengues:
A day to remember, even if despite the wind that us has a little embarrassed for the fly.
Robert thank you for everything, I hope maybe one day have the chance to fish again in your company all your advice very clear and simple, which helps a lot for more unfortunately it went so fast. THANK YOU, ROBERT.

Thierry Bragagni:
I spent two wonderful days with Robert who is a true enthusiast. Always available for advice
I have a date with Robert that I will enjoy. Thanks again to Robert because like others I'm not ready d forget those fabulous moments. This was in FRONTIGNAN.

Many thanks to Robert. I spent an unforgettable day, Robert is an extraordinary guide, who is passionate about his job and very serious. I highly recommend it to everyone. Me, I'm waiting for my next day with impatience.
Thanks again, Philippe.

Lucas and Francis Darnon:
Bob taught me during these two days of fly-fishing the respect for the environment, respect for the trout. He gave good advice, I spent an unforgettable moment. He teaches his knowledge well and gives valuable tips with method and passion. Bob is friendly, open and pleasant. Thank you again, nice time to renew as soon as possible.

Four days with a passionate person who knows giving his knowledge freely. I learned that by watching in the distance, we forget what is near us. A big thank you to Robert and his family.

Bell Alain
An unforgettable guided outing with technical explanations very clear Robert was not stingy with information, we feel the passionate man. This first release at sea brought me a lot thanks to the professionalism and the jovial availability of the monitor. Very good idea to keep a video memory of the event. Recommend and to renew. Alain

After several appointments missed (because of the time...), we finally got there... J ' I spent a magical day... Boby is a passionate nature and a true professional of the sea. The explanations are very clear, we have tested different techniques of fishing with new equipment (or almost...). Everything happened, reading maps, currents, funds, techniques, knots... I learned a lot during the day. Robert is a very friendly man and not stingy with advice... Recommend.

Agostinho and George Lopes
An exceptional day of fishing we spent with Robert, a man who has the true value of life and has to give all his tricks of fishing, and his passion to protect the sea and fish. A wonderful day has not to miss to share with friend or family, because Robert has become in one day a great friend to us, there is no hesitation to do we visit very beautiful landscape, great memories and I won't have a redo with ROBERT Thanks again.

I made the acquaintance of Robert during the week beginning May. This is a very approachable person, who gets of immediately within reach of his interlocutor and is not stingy explanations on all the topics. Bravo, good professionalism. If conditions are unfavourable (which unfortunately was the case), he does not hesitate to do the KMS to try to meet his guest. advice are advised but here again because of too strong flow, it was hard to really put them into practice. the day passed in an extreme mood and Robert was kind enough to offer me a video of surprising quality, as well as the very informative documents on the history of the PALM. I also learned a new technique, the derivative of the natural bait, which seems to give very good results and I will try during my next fishing parties. so, in summary, not a lot of criticism, on the contrary. that man or woman who wants to rub fly contacted him with confidence!

Good day of sea fishing. Discovery of the JIG. Thanks again Alain.

Exceptional output sea fishing for my 10 year old son and myself. the welcome is warm, availability in the preparation of the output is remarkable, explanations on the different techniques are very numerous and specific. Security is part of one of its main rules. I insist on the human and available side of Robert who made that guidance cannot be as successful! What a sight to see a tuna or a bonito in full hunting a few meters from the boat, adrenaline is to go! Price/performance ratio is unbeatable thanks for everything! Sebastian and Gabin.

Valdaperez Justin
Advice that proved very effective subsequently. He gave me are respect for the environment and his passion for sea fishing! Very respectful of navigation and safety rules has edge of the white shark. A very good guide that makes us share his passion in art rules! I highly recommend it! Justin.

A huge thanks to Boby who in the company of are friend Michel, made me share are love of the fishing community. To share his extensive experience he delivered me of prestigious boards. All this allowed me to persevere to go further in my passion, taking even more fun on the water. Memorable weekend. Great meeting. Thank you. Friendly Sébastien.

HATILIP Jean-Pierre
BOB introduced me to the natural bait fishing. He passed his knowledge by showing great professionalism. It is a passionate and a great lover of nature. Well done, BOB. As Didier (ROSSO), I'm not ready to forget the good times I spent at his side. A very soon JP.

ROSSO Didier
I spent a great day, in a relaxing, quiet or nature is Queen. BOB helped me to discover and advised me on how to listen to observe it to better discover it and respect it. It transmits his passion with simple but clear explanations, it is accessible with great professionalism. This day let me good memories and I hope to renew it. Thanks BOB