General Conditions of Internships


FISHING SOUTH LEISURE AND CULTURE HALIEUTIQUE whose registered office is 10 Rue du Terme Rouge 34570 Pignan, registered under number SIRET 53498699700011

Represented here by Mr. Robert BOULOC Instructor & Professional Guide for fishing at sea and in freshwaters, Sports Educator CODE NAF / APE 8551Z, Professional Teaching Physical Activity and Sport (APS) that is fishing, having all powers to the effects and benefits hereof.

Mr. Bouloc Robert is declared as a Liberal, Micro Enterprise, and Non-Commercial Profit (B.N.C). Not subject to T.V.A, pursuant to Article 293 B of the General Tax Code. Exempted from registration in R.C.S and R.M, pursuant to Article L.123-1-1 and Article D. 123-235 of the Commercial Code.

Mr. BOULOC Robert graduated from a Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (BPJEPS) Specialty "Recreational Fishing", published in JORF n ° 89 of 15 April 2003 Text n ° 43 which STOP: Order of 28 March 2003 creating the specialty "recreational fishing" of the professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport NOR: SPRK0370051A (and its Appendices) to animate, supervise, accompany, guide, train and teach Freshwater fishing.

As well as the complementary capitalizable Unit "Maritime Environment" (UCC Sea) to the BPJEPS "Recreational Fishing, to animate, supervise, accompany, guide, train and teach fishing in the marine environment by boat and board, as stipulated in the UCC Mer creation decree published in JORF n ° 22 of 26 January 2006, Text n ° 50 which DECREES: Decree of 16 January 2006 establishing the complementary capitalization unit "fishing for leisure in the maritime environment" to the patent Youth, Education and Sport Professional NOR: MJSK0670018A (and its Appendices).

Precision on the regulation of the professional branch:
The Education Code (Consolidated version as of February 26, 2016) states in its Legislative Part: Part Two: School Teachings: Book III: Organization of School Teachings: Title VI: Teachings Preparing for the Arts and Sports Professions: Chapter III: The formations and the professions of the physical and sports activities: Article L. 363-1: Modified by Ordonnance n ° 2006-596 2006-05-23 art. 4 2nd JORF May 25th, 2006:
"The rules relating to the conditions of teaching, animation or supervision of physical and sports activities are defined in Title I of Book II of the Sports Code."

The Sports Code specifies in its Legislative Part BOOK II: ACTORS OF THE SPORT TITLE I: TRAINING AND TEACHING: Chapter II: Teaching the sports against remuneration: Section 1: Obligation of qualification: Article L. 212-1: To I.:
"A diploma, professional title or qualification certificate guarantees the competency of its holder in terms of the safety of practitioners and third parties within the meaning of Article L. 212-1 in a physical activity or sports considered or in a set of activities of the same nature relating to a specific public, if it attests in its regulation that its holder:
1 ° Is able to mobilize the technical and pedagogical knowledge specific to the activity in question and to master the techniques of its practice in conditions ensuring the safety of the practitioners and third parties;
2 ° Control the behavior to be observed and the actions to be taken in case of incident or accident. "

Article R. 212-2:
"The list of diplomas, professional titles or qualification certificates fulfilling the conditions set out in Article L. 212-1 shall be established by the Minister of Sports.
The list mentions, for each of the options, mentions or specialties of each diploma, title with professional purpose or certificate of qualification, its conditions of exercise. "

Article R. 212-3:
// "For diplomas or professional titles issued on behalf of the State by institutions under the tutelage of the Minister of Higher Education, as well as for those issued by the Minister of Agriculture or the Minister charged with sports, the conditions of exercise are established by the supervisory ministers. "
"Compliance with Article L. 212-1 of this Code, diplomas or titles for professional purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph is verified by each of the Ministers of supervision.These diplomas or titles are included in the list provided for in Article R. 212-2 of the present code after informing the professional advisory commission created on the basis of articles D. 335-33 to D. 335-37 of the Code of Education.
For other diplomas, professional titles or certificates of qualification, the inscription on the aforementioned list is subject to the opinion of the same commission. "

Ordinance n ° 2006-596 of the 23/05/2006 relating to the legislative part of the Code of sport: NOR: MJSX0600023R:
Article 9;
For the application of Article L. 212-1 of the Sport Code, and in the period preceding the registration of diplomas, professional titles or qualification certificates on the list mentioned in III of the said article, which May 30, 2007, remain in force the provisions resulting from the first three paragraphs of article 43 of the law n ° 84-610 of July 16, 1984 relating to the organization and the promotion of the physical activities and sports, in their drafting from article 24 of the law n ° 92-652 of July 13th, 1992 modifying the law n ° 84-610 of July 16th, 1984 relating to the organization and the promotion of the physical and sports activities and bearing various provisions related to these activities, as summarized below:
"No person may teach, supervise or give remuneration for a physical activity or sport, as a primary or secondary occupation, on a regular, seasonal or occasional basis, or to take the title of teacher, instructor, educator, coach or any other title similar, if he does not hold a registered diploma, according to the level of training to which it corresponds and the occupations to which it gives access, on a list of homologation of the diplomas of the physical and sports activities. "

The National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) has registered the diploma Entitled BP JEPS: Professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport - specialty Recreational fishing: Summary of the reference of employment or acquired elements of competence:
The recreational fishing guide-instructor exercises his activity of animation autonomously, by using the technical support of the fishing within the limits of the regulatory frameworks. He is responsible at the educational level. It ensures the safety of third parties and the public for which it is responsible. He is responsible for the activity project which is part of the project of the structure.

1- He supervises all types of public in a leisure practice: He accompanies and frames audiences on the various fishing sites.
2- It supervises activities of discovery, initiation and animation: It animates activities with groups or individuals in the respect of the rules and norms in force, on different sites (rivers, lakes, plans of water, reservoirs ...) as part of a discovery of aquatic environments and fishing activities. He initiated and perfected the various fishing techniques and in particular fly fishing techniques, throwing and kicking, in compliance with the rules and safety standards in force, and conducted a training program for a first time. level of competition. It reveals and explains the functioning of different aquatic ecosystems. It participates in environmental education actions.

3- It participates in the functioning of the structure and the design of an animation project: It maintains relations with the professional and territorial environment. He participates in the promotion and the administrative and financial management of the activity. It participates in the preparation of actions to promote fishing tourism and recreational fishing services. It may be required to participate in the elaboration of projects for the sustainable development of the fishing activity in relation with partners in an identified territory, and to participate in actions to manage aquatic environments.

Capacities or skills attested:
1 Advise the public, depending on the situations encountered, on the fishing techniques to be used, the appropriate equipment, the baits to be used, etc. Manage and regulate the functioning of a group.

2 To master the different recreational fishing techniques, their history and evolution, the regulations in force as well as the rules of the competition and the roles of the competition technicians.
Master the peculiarities related to aquatic environments, the territory (local tradition, leisure, development policy, potential partners, territorial organization, etc.).
Take into account the legal and security requirements.
Use one or more activities supported by one or more aquatic environments as part of an educational, tourism or social project: identify and choose the different fishing grounds according to the regulations in force, periods, desired fish, characteristics and expectations of the public, other users of the site.
Develop animation projects for fishing tourism and recreational fishing services.
Develop a pedagogical progression and set up adapted situations.
Select and formalize project evaluation methods and tools.
Apprehend a fishing support site in its operations and the remarkable elements of its ecosystem, likely to constitute environmental education media.
Manage the logistics of its activity, and produce the necessary tools.
Develop fishing site maps identifying a map, safe means of access, categories of public that can access them, appropriate means of supervision and safety procedures, as well as fishing equipment and accessories, and necessary security.
To discover, explain and make respect for the elements of the culture of activity (human / environmental relationship, fragility of ecosystems, discretion, observation, etc.).
Raise public awareness of respect for ecosystems.
Adapt the program of activities to individuals, to groups, according to the time, the skill levels of each member, exceptional circumstances (flood, rain ...).
Advising the public on fishing stations based on desired fish, type of aquatic environment, time, time or time of fishing, site classification, regulations and local traditions.

3 Inform about local activities and events.
Organize and manage the circulation of oral and written information about its activities, internally and externally, and promote the communication necessary for the success of the action.
Use information and communication technologies in everyday situations of professional life, office tools, multimedia supports.
Provide an informative watch on practices and developments in his sector.
Constitute and manage documentation.
Integrate into your professional environment, in a work team.
Participate in internal and external meetings.
Present the results of its activities.
Contribute to the study of the offer of activities of the employer structure.
Promote its action of animation with the partners.
Integrate its action into a pre-established program in partnership with tourism organizations, fishing organizations, works councils.
Integrate into a network of partners in the fisheries, tourism and local development sectors.

Sectors of activity or types of employment accessible by the holder of this diploma, title or certificate:
The recreational fishing guide-instructor works in private structures of the voluntary or commercial sector, in the territorial civil service or as a self-employed worker.
These structures are numerous: fishing schools, departmental federations of fishing associations and protection of aquatic environments (F.D.A.P.P.M.A), departmental associations of fishing and protection of aquatic environments (AAPPMA); holiday and leisure centers (C.V.L); local authorities; Permanent Centers for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE); sports clubs and committees; tourist-oriented structures; country charters ...

Recreational Fishing Guidebook Nearest ROME Guide Codes: G 1201:
Accompaniment of travel, cultural or sport activities Regulation of activities: The sport fishing activity is subject to the application of article L 212-1 of the Sport Code which provides for the possession of specific certifications among which is the BP JEPS.
Level and / or field of activity: IV (1969 Nomenclature)
4 Nomenclature Europe Convention (s): NSF Code (s): 335 Sports, Cultural and Leisure Activities
Legal basis Reference of the general decree: Decree n ° 2001-792 of August 31, 2001 Reference order creation (or date 1st order registration): Order of April 18, 2002 Order of March 28, 2003 - OJ of April 15, 2003 (Appendices to the BOJS n ° 7 of April 30, 2003) Reference of the decree and / or decree VAE: Decree n ° 2002-615 of April 26, 2002
How to access this certification Description of the components of certification:
The diploma is awarded under the specialty "recreational fishing". Prerequisites required:
- first aid training certificate (AFPS);
- certificate of 50 meters freestyle, diving start and recovery of an object submerged to 2 meters deep, issued by a person holding the state patent of sports instructor, swimming activities option;
- attestation of successful completion of the pre-entry requirements related to the candidate's personal practice in the activity (test of the level of proficiency of a fishing technique) and issued by an expert designated by the Regional Director of the youth, sports and social cohesion, under conditions defined by instruction of the employment and training delegate.
The BP diploma is obtained by the capitalization of 10 units. The four capitalizable units common to all specialties:
UC 1: to be able to communicate in situations of professional life;
UC 2: to be able to take into account the characteristics of the public to prepare an educational action;
UC 3: being able to prepare a project as well as its evaluation;
UC 4: to be able to participate in the functioning of the structure and the management of the activity. The specific capitalizable units of the specialty "leisure fishing":
CU 5: being able to prepare an animation action by using one or more activities having for support one or more aquatic environments as part of an educational, touristic or social project;
UC 6: to be able to supervise individuals or groups as part of a discovery of aquatic environments and fishing activities;
UC 7: to be able to mobilize the knowledge necessary for the conduct of professional recreational fishing activities; UC 8: to be able to conduct an educational action using as supports the various fishing techniques for recreational and / or competitive purposes;
UC 9: being able to master the different fishing techniques adapted to the environment and the situation encountered.
A capitalizable unit of adaptation:
UC 10: targeting the adaptation of training to the professional sector and employment. UC 8 and 9 are evaluated in a professional situation, by a commission, in one or more situations of supervision and animation.
A candidate holding the BP JEPS Pêche de loisirs can obtain the certification of one or more Additional Capital Units and Certificates of Specialization. For the branch it is "the U.C.C Maritime environment.
Link Validity of acquired components: 5 year (s)
Other sources of information: Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Agriculture
These diplomas allow its holders to teach and supervise recreational fishing or sport until the 1st level of competition, after the issuance of the professional card of sports educator and this by the Prefect of the Department of residence of the graduate . Validity of the Professional Card = 5 years.

General Conditions of Fishing Courses.

The present general conditions of the "Fishing Courses", are applicable to any order, reservation, purchase, use or refund of any product (the product), as well as any use of the site www.peche-du-sud-loisir- operated by Mr. Robert BOULOC.

The internet platform offers a range of services entitled "Fishing course" online describing all services offered by Mr. Robert BOULOC Monitor & Professional Guide fishing in the marine environment and freshwater, Sports Educator, professional of the Teaching the physical and sport activity that is fishing.
Mr. Bouloc Robert reserves the right to supplement his online offers present or to stop their distribution at his sole discretion and at any time.

Refers to Applicant / Applicant / Fishing Trainee and / or Mr. Robert BOULOC

Refers to the purchaser of an activity, the Applicant / Applicant may or may not be the beneficiary (the Fishing Trainee) of the service depending on whether he will make personal use of the latter or not.

Refers to the person connecting to the site, without necessarily being a Petitioner, Applicant, Fishing Trainee or Beneficiary.

Refers to the service provided by Mr. BOULOC Robert Moniteur Professional guide for recreational or sport fishing, and to the beneficiary (the Fishing Trainee) from the selection of offers contained in his website, it being understood that the conditions of performance of this delivery are dependent on the marine and terrestrial weather, and availability on the date chosen by the beneficiary, the Fishing Trainee.

Refers to any information used in particular on the internet to identify a natural person (surname, first name, email address).
RGPD: By signing the service contracts, you agree to give me your contact information and personal information so that I can answer you and communicate with you. I do not sell or transmit any of your data to anyone.

Refers to small files sent to the hard drive of the user's computer to facilitate navigation on the site and to allow access to the most suitable pages when returning to the site.

Website :
Refers to the website accessible under the URL

The deposit is a first payment on a purchase. 
It involves a firm commitment from both parties. 
Therefore, the obligation to buy for the consumer and that to provide the merchandise for the trader. 
There is no possibility of a deduction and the consumer may be ordered to pay damages if he retracts. 
The trader himself can not change his mind, even by refunding the deposit to the consumer. 
He could also be compelled to pay damages. 

L. 214-1 code of consumption (definition of ARRHES): 
Created by Order n ° 2016-301 of March 14, 2016 - art. 
Unless otherwise stipulated, for any sales or service contract concluded between a professional and a consumer, the amounts paid in advance are a ARRHES, within the meaning of article 1590 of the Civil Code. In this case, each of the contractors can return on his commitment, the consumer losing the ARRHES, the professional by returning them to the double.   

Article 1590 Civil Code 
Created by Law 1804-03-06 promulgated March 16, 1804 : 
If the promise to sell was made with a deposit each of the contractors is master to part with it, the one who gave it, losing it, and the one who received it, restoring the double.

Consumer Code # New Legislative Part # Book I: CONSUMER INFORMATION AND PRACTICES # Title I: CONSUMER INFORMATION, Chapter I: General Obligation to Provide Pre-contractual Information, 

Article L111-1 Created by Order No. 2016-301 of 14 March 2016 - art.
Before the consumer is bound by a contract for the sale of goods or the supply of services, the trader communicates to the consumer, in a readable and comprehensible manner, the following information: 
1 ° The essential characteristics of the good or service, taking into account the communication medium used and the good or service concerned; 
2 ° The price of the good or service, pursuant to Articles L. 112-1 to L. 112-4; 
3 ° In the absence of immediate execution of the contract, the date or the time at which the trader undertakes to deliver the goods or to perform the service; 
4 ° information relating to his identity, his postal, telephone and electronic contact details and his activities, insofar as they do not appear from the context; 
5 ° Where applicable, the information relating to the legal warranties, the functionalities of the digital content and, where applicable, its interoperability, the existence and implementation of warranties and other contractual conditions; 
6 ° The possibility of using a consumer mediator under the conditions set out in Title I of Book VI. 
The list and the precise content of this information are fixed by decree in Council of State. 
The provisions of this Article shall also apply to contracts for the supply of water, gas or electricity, where they are not packaged in a specific volume or quantity, and for district heating and content digital not provided on a hardware medium. 
These contracts also refer to the need for sober consumption that respects the preservation of the environment.

Article L111-2 Created by Ordinance No. 2016-301 of March 14, 2016 - art. 
In addition to the information provided for in Article L. 111-1, any professional, before the conclusion of a contract for the supply of services and, where there is no written contract, before the performance of the service of services, makes available to the consumer or communicates to him, in a readable and understandable way, additional information relating to his contact details, his activity of provision of services and other contractual conditions, the list and content of which are laid down by decree in Board of state. The additional information which is communicated only at the request of the consumer is also specified by decree in Council of State.

Article L111-5 Created by Order n ° 2016-301 of March 14, 2016 - art. 
In the event of a dispute relating to the application of the provisions of Articles L. 111-1, L. 111-2 and L. 111-4, it is the professional's responsibility to prove that he has performed his obligations.

ANCV checks: 
unfortunately I can not accept these fishing is not registered with the ANCV (inquire with ANCV officials).

2.1 Purpose of the contract
The purpose of these general conditions of Service Provisions "Fishing courses" is the definition of conditions and modalities surrounding the presentation by Mr. Robert BOULOC of its products and services.

2.2 Prior acceptance of the terms and conditions of the "Fishing Courses"
The acceptance of the general conditions of use is essential before the access or the use of the site, the acquisition, the reception or the use of an activity on the site.
The user reads the terms and conditions of the "Fishing Courses" in their entirety and accepts them.
Failure to accept the "General Conditions for Fishing Courses" in the aforementioned manner deprives the user of the possibility of continuing the current reservation process.
In case of opposition to these terms and conditions, the user will abstain from the use of the site and the triggering of the reservation process.

2.3 Applicability of the General Conditions of "Fishing Courses"
The present General Conditions of the "Fishing Courses" are applicable to the only bookings of activities passed on the site or by telephone.

2.4 Modification of the General Conditions of Fishing Courses
Mr. Bouloc Robert Instructor & Professional Guide for recreational fishing or sport, reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions of Fishing Courses at any time, and without notice, it being understood that if necessary, the modifications will be inapplicable to reservations previously accepted and confirmed by Mr. Bouloc Robert Monitor & Fishing Guide.

2.5 Applicant's Capacity, Applicant and Fishing Trainee
Any Applicant, Applicant or Fishing Trainee declares to have the legal capacity in accordance with Article 1124 of the Civil Code to contract and use the Site in accordance with the General Conditions of Marketing and Use of the Site

3.1 A PAPER Contract will be made available to Petition Applicants and Applicants, it will be sent to you by email in PDF format. It must be completed, signed, dated and returned by email to Mr. BOULOC Robert at his following address:

3.2 You must book at least 18 days before the chosen date to complete the fishing course, because you have a statutory withdrawal period of 14 days after the signing of the paper contract.


Consumer Code # Legislative Part # Book I: Consumer Information and Formation of Contracts # Title II: Business Practices # Chapter I: Regulated Business Practices # Section 2: Distance and Off-Site Contracts # Subsection 6: Right to Business withdrawal applicable to distance and off-premises contracts 

Article L121-21 Modified by Law n ° 2014-344 of March 17, 2014 - art. 9 (V) 
The consumer has a period of fourteen days to exercise his right of withdrawal from a contract concluded at a distance, following a solicitation telephone or off-premises, without having to motivate his decision or to bear other costs than those provided for in Articles L. 121-21-3 to L. 121-21-5. Any clause by which the consumer abandons his right of withdrawal is void. The period mentioned in the first paragraph of this article runs from the day: 
1 ° Of the conclusion of the contract, for service contracts and those mentioned in Article L. 121-16-2; 
2 ° Receipt of the goods by the consumer or a third party, other than the carrier, designated by him, for contracts for the sale of goods and contracts for the supply of services including the delivery of goods. In the case of an order for several goods delivered separately or in the case of an order for a good consisting of lots or multiple parts whose delivery is spread over a defined period, the period runs from the receipt the last good or lot or the last piece. For contracts providing for the regular delivery of goods during a defined period, the period runs from receipt of the first goods. 
NOTE: In accordance with Article 34 of Law No. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014, these provisions introduced by Article 9 of the said law apply to contracts concluded after 13 June 2014.

Model of mail of retraction : 

Consumer Code # New Legislative Part # Book II: FORMATION AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACTS # Title II: RULES FOR THE FORMATION AND EXECUTION OF CERTAIN CONTRACTS # Chapter I: Contracts concluded at distance and off premises # Section 6: Right of withdrawal applicable distance and off-premises contracts 

Article L221-25 Created by Ordinance No. 2016-301 of March 14, 2016 - art. 
(1) If the consumer wishes that the performance of a service or contract mentioned in the first paragraph of Article L. 221-4 begins before the end of the withdrawal period mentioned in Article L. 221-18 , the professional collects its express request by any means for contracts concluded at a distance and on paper or in a durable medium for contracts concluded off premises. The consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal from a contract for the provision of services or a contract mentioned in the first paragraph of Article L. 221-4, the execution of which began, at his express request, before the end the withdrawal period pays the professional an amount corresponding to the service provided until the communication of its decision to retract; this amount is proportionate to the total price of the service agreed in the contract. If the total price is excessive, the appropriate amount is calculated based on the market value of what was provided. No sum is payable by the consumer who has exercised his right of withdrawal if his express request has not been collected pursuant to the first paragraph or if the professional has not complied with the information obligation provided for in 4 ° of Article L. 221-5.

(1) I therefore ask you to provide me your express request that the performance of the service begins before the end of the withdrawal period.

Consumer Code # New Legislative Part # Book II: FORMATION AND EXECUTION OF CONTRACTS # Title II: RULES FOR THE FORMATION AND EXECUTION OF CERTAIN CONTRACTS # Chapter I: Contracts concluded at distance and off premises # Section 6: Right of withdrawal applicable distance and off-premises contracts 

Article L221-28 Created by Ordinance No. 2016-301 of March 14, 2016 - art. 
The right of withdrawal can not be exercised for contracts: 
1 ° Provision of services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution began after express prior consent of the consumer and expressly waived his right of withdrawal; 
2 ° supply of goods or services the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market beyond the control of the trader and likely to occur during the withdrawal period; 
3 ° Supply of goods made to the specifications of the consumer or clearly personalized; 
12 ° Providing accommodation services, other than residential accommodation, goods transport services, car rental, catering or leisure activities that must be provided at a specified date or period; 
13 ° Providing digital content not provided on a physical medium whose execution began after express prior consent of the consumer and expressly waived his right of withdrawal.

3.3 By the website by request for information by EMAIL box to
3.3.1 Reservations can be made by the user on the website, under the same conditions described in the whole of Article 3, but only by check.
3.3.2 The user selects one or more activities offered on the website online
3.3.3 A summary is then sent to the user, showing the choices made and the price of the total amount of the reservation, indicating the method of payment for which the user chooses
3.3.4 In application of the provisions of Article 1369-5 of the Civil Code, this allows the user to check the details of his reservation and the total price thereof, and rectify any errors before the final reservation is recorded.
3.3.5 The reservation is not registered and the contract deemed formed after the confirmation of the booking formalized by the second click operated by the user.
3.3.6 In application of the provisions of Article 1369-5 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code, a confirmation email will be sent to the user, acknowledging receipt of the reservation sent to Mr. Bouloc Robert Moniteur & Professional Guide for recreational fishing /athletic.
3.3.7 Retention and printing of the confirmation email will enable the Applicant to provide proof of the booking with Mr. Bouloc Robert Moniteur & Professional Guide for recreational or sport fishing.
3.3.8 Mr Bouloc Robert Moniteur & Guide of fishing intends to specify that in case of payment by credit card, the contract will be deemed definitively concluded only on the condition of the acceptance of the payment by the bank of the Applicant Applicant requesting this service .
In the case of payment by check, transfer or cash the contract will be deemed definitively concluded upon receipt of the check and Paper Contract (see 3.1) by Mr. Bouloc Robert Moniteur & Guide fishing no later than day of reservation.

3.4 By telephone
3.4.1 Reservation by telephone is possible during opening hours, under the same conditions described in the whole of Article 3, but only by check.
3.4.2 A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the applicant by e-mail, detailing the details and the total amount of the definitive reservation recorded.

4.1 The prices of the activities are indicated in euros and NET and are those in force on the day of the reservation.
4.2 The activities are not subject to VAT. (T.V.A NOT APPLICABLE, ARTICLE 293 B of the General Tax Code), Mr. BOULOC Robert finances the T.V.A, but does not recover it.
4.3 The user can opt for a payment by bank transfer, by check. Or by cash only in direct meeting.
4.4 At the reservation, the total amount of the service * (* Required for Gift Cards) or a deposit of at least 50% of the amount thereof. But if you wish you can pay the total amount.
4.5 In the event of non-payment or refusal of authorization from the bank of the Person reserving, Mr. Bouloc Robert Moniteur & Professional Fishing Guide will be entitled to suspend the process of making the reservation.
4.6 In the case of a payment by check, the checks must be sent by the Applicant "Fishing Course" to the address indicated in the confirmation email, and to the order of: "Mr. BOULOC Robert Monitor Fishing Guide ".
4.7 Checks sent must imperatively contain the reference of the reservation made, the lack of this mention is likely to result in the cancellation of the said reservation.
4.8 For all services offered, except ANIMATIONS Sea and freshwater fishing and GIFT CARDS, you can pay by check and this in 3 TIMES FREE OF CHARGE.
4.9 When you book a Gift Card, the TOTAL amount of the Fishing Course Benefit is due, as it is not the same person who reserves or orders, who will benefit from the Fishing Course.

5.1 The data entered in the databases of Mr BOULOC Robert Moniteur-Guide de pêche, constitute the proof of the past reservations, subject to a manifest material error which it is incumbent on the persons having reserved to bring the proof.
5.2 Data relating to past bookings are accepted and enforceable forms of evidence under the same conditions as written acts.

6.1 Activity bookings are subject to regular checks. The proper functioning of these controls may force Mr. BOULOC Robert Moniteur-Guide de pêche to suspend the process of making reservations and to request from the user the provision of proof, such as proof of address, identity or debit. , which must comply with the information entered by the user when placing the booking, as well as the billing information entered during the booking.
6.2 The information collected during these checks may be subject to automated data processing, in order to define a level of transaction security and to fight against credit card fraud.

The delivery of the activities to the Applicant, Applicant, Fishing Trainee for the A.P.S fisheries services in the form of "Fishing Courses", will result in transfer of ownership and risks.

8.1 Any error concerning the activities ordered will have to be indicated by the Applicant of "Stage of Fishing", by letter or email (heading contact of the site), within 72 hours following the date of reception of the reservation.
8.2 Claims that are not made under the conditions stipulated in this article can not be taken into account, and may not under any circumstances give rise to the implementation of a "fishing course" other performance (duration, medium sea or fresh water, board or boat, fishing techniques, number of participants in fishing courses) chosen initially and with respect to the Applicant.

9.1 The general conditions must be brought to the attention of the beneficiary of the activity. This transmission of information will be supported if necessary by the Applicant / Applicant of "Fishing Course".
9.2 The possibility of benefiting from a fishing period, is subject to the prior presentation of the confirmation email and the contract for activities purchased online, by telephone, or by EMAIL.
9.3 The photographs presented on the website are not contractual, and any partial or entire reproduction is prohibited.
9.4 The delivery of the Service is subject to the specific conditions of Mr Bouloc Robert Moniteur-Guide de Pêche, in particular in terms of the cancellation or modification of the booking, the age limit and the physical conditions of the Beneficiary (s). In any case, Mr. BOULOC Robert can not be held liable for the performance of any performance.
9.5 Certain conditions (C) to be taken into consideration (C: weather forecast, marine weather, age, ability and physical condition of participants, choice of technique, fish sought, length of training, number of participants), Mr. BOULOC Robert may validly refuse the performance of the service, or proceed with its deferment, or offer you a suitable service in case of failure to meet the conditions (C) required.
9.6 The beneficiary is required, as part of the performance of the service, to comply with the elementary precautionary rules, especially with regard to Physical and Sports Activities. Conscious of these risks, the beneficiary declares to fully accept the consequences.

9.6.1 Your responsibility before the service and in fishing action:
- Dear Fishing Trainees I am obliged to inform you of the interest for you to take out a personal insurance policy, covering the bodily injury to which your sporting practice may expose you. (This remains your choice). Inquire with your insurance that could cover your sports activities and practiced outdoors. Please provide me with a certificate of insurance covering these risks.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Fishing Guide Moniteur Robert Bouloc, can not be held responsible for litigation or otherwise, between the insurance and the underwriter of a contract.

9.6.2 As you are direct actors of the service and this all along, I tell you and announce before the beginning of the service, the instructions, rules of safety and attitudes to adopt according to the medium or the we evolve.

9.6.3 Here are the rules, instructions and safety attitudes to respect in FRESHWATER environments:
- If you do not know how to swim, please tell me before:
- The participants must not return in powerful currents, flood waters, laden with silt, driftwood, dark colors, and places and places of passages of canoes or boats;
- Participants should not position themselves on ice jams, slippery rocks, over chasms, or on rocks overhanging the stream;
- No fishing under power lines, valves, water intakes, dams, mills and hydroelectric plants (upstream and downstream) and during thunderstorms and / or lightning;
- Vertiginous progressions are forbidden;
- The progressions during lapping fishing are as horizontal as possible, and must be made without additional equipment (ropes, chutes, others);
- They must have remained attentive and adapted their attitudes according to the instructions given by Mr BOULOC Robert, the environment (space of evolution), the weather, and other users.
9.6.4 Here are the rules, instructions and safety attitudes to respect in MARITIME ENVIRONMENT BORDER and dice your presence on the BOAT activity support:
- If you do not know how to swim, please tell me before;
- Wearing the compulsory vest;
- Participants must remain seated while sailing;
- The participants must be monitored and be attentive to the waves, other users of the sea and also during the throwing phases (during the duration and all of the performances);
- They must adopt an attitude adapted to each situation of flat or formed sea, to respect the instructions in navigation and / or in fishing action for example = to remain flexible on their legs in order to avoid any detrimental bounce or loss of balance and to remain attentive in all circumstances to the environment;
- They must report any obstacles, debris, danger or other nuisance or that may cause a single risk for navigation;
- Knowing that the benefits are canceled / postponed if waves are close to 1 meter high (force 4 on the Beaufort scale).
- They must respect the safety instructions when fishing and must remain attentive in all circumstances to the environment in which they operate;
- Equipped your glasses with floating cords.
- Regarding the Evil To take your precautions before leaving, ask your pharmacist, or doctor. It would be a shame to shorten the fishing party! If it turns out that you have to return to port because of it, the entire day is and remains due.
Participants state that they are in a state of health that allows them to practice sport fishing and recreation, and that they do not have a health history that prohibits the practice of this physical activity and sport.  It's up to you to send me all the necessary information and allow me ESPECIALLY to adapt the "fishing" service (techniques, durations, target fish, environments, activity support, other) for and in relation to the participant in the future service and this, before the signature of the contract.
The fish taken during the fishing party, (this is not guaranteed) are released, I practice without killing, charter of good conduct Monitors-Guides of French Fishing.

9.7 You will practice exclusively at the fishing rod in MARITIME ENVIRONMENT as in FRESHWATER. The catch of fish is not guaranteed, and can not open to any compensation.
The breakage or loss of the fishing equipment put at your disposal free of charge for the practice in FRESHWATER and in MARITIME environment, canes, reels, landing net, remain with your load and I will ask you to pay their purchase prices to new.
The following equipment is considered "consumable": nylons, some lead, baits, fluorocarbons, hooks, swivels, so if breakage or loss no consequences for you.
In the case of using natural baits of the aquatic and terrestrial larva type, trichoptera, grasshopper, beetles, other, collected on the fishing grounds, those which will not be used, will be put back in their respective environments at the end of the fishing party .
The loss of a first hard lure or lead, which can be: fish swimmers, jigs, madais, inchikus, fireball pellets, you will not be counted. From the 2nd lost hard lures or leaded heads, I will ask you to pay his / their purchase price to new.

9.8 The services included in the provision FRESH WATER and MARITIME ENVIRONMENT
They include fishing instruction and supervision services by Mr. Robert BOULOC Moniteur-Guide de Pêche, supply and loan of the following equipment for the techniques that I propose: rods, reels, live bait, flies , small equipment (wires, hooks ...).

9.8.1 Services not included in the provision of FRESHWATER and MARITIME ENVIRONMENT
- Your return trip to the meeting place we will settle: Waders, boots, waders, caps, glasses, for reasons of hygiene. Accommodation, meals, catch of fish, fishing card.
The refund after 10 days of retraction of a service of internship of peach.
Remember to take a cancellation insurance in case of a problem, personal impediment to your privacy and preventing you from doing the service, this is your choice but it is highly advisable.

9.8.2 M. BOULOC Robert reserves the right to cancel the service, for safety reasons arising during planned meteorological events such as: thunderstorm, violent winds then your entire deposit will be restored to you, either we fix an adjournment of date (according to our availability).
Attention the exit maybe shortened yes:
- A change of dangerous and not planned weather report for the safety (thunderstorm, violent winds) arose during the action of peach. Every begun half-days remain due;

9.9 Our mutual obligations MARITIME ENVIRONMENT and FRESH WATER
- I reserve the right to cancel the benefit, for safety reasons arising from planned weather events such as and from these levels: thunderstorm, lightning, violent wind, vague, raw, then the whole of your payment will be returned to you, or else we set a date extension (depending on our availability).
- An unexpected and unsafe weather change occurred during the fishing action.
- All half-days started remain due (from 6.00 to 12.00 and from 12.00 to 18.00 or more);
- Example: Safety hazardous weather events occurring at 11:50 am, you set half of the reserved day.

- Example: Weather events that are dangerous for safety at 11:50 am, you pay for half of the day booked.
9.9.2 Well-being reminder:
Depending on the season, do not forget: warm and waterproof clothing and diapers, cap, sun protection, sunglasses, a bottle of water at least per person.
9.9.3 Special clauses for Minors
No children under 10 years of age on the boat, and a minor alone must always be accompanied by an adult. For all reservations concerning Persons under 18 years of age, a parental authorization written on free paper and signed by both parents or Guardians, notifying the authorization to allow the Minors to practice the fishing internship with me.

All requests for information and clarification relating in particular to the order, purchase, refund, operation of activities and services are addressed to Mr. BOULOC Robert by post.
In addition, you are strongly advised to take out a cancellation insurance if it is impossible for you to perform the service, for any reason.
To also take out an insurance covering your outdoor physical and sports activities outdoors, because the professional service provider's compulsory service contract, contracted by Mr. BOULOC Robert, according to Article L.321-7 of the Sport Code, does not cover not during the services of Mr BOULOC Robert, the trainees between them, the trainees to the onlookers, walkers, other practitioners, river owners, boat owners, the material goods, this remains your choice.

11.1 The Website is registered with the CNIL.
11.2 Mr. BOULOC Robert will use the collection of personal data concerning Applicants, Applicants, Fishing Trainees during the booking of Products, this information will be mandatory to validate the said booking.
11.3 The Applicant, Applicant, Fishing Trainee shall have the right to object free of charge, except for those related to the transmission of the refusal, to the use of his personal data, when it is collected and whenever an e-mail is sent to him.
11.4 M. BOULOC Robert does not transmit or resell data concerning the User to third parties.
11.5 In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6/01/1978 "Informatique et Libertés" (amended), the Applicants, Applicants, Interns and Fishing Trainees have a right of access, rectification, deletion of personal data and a right of opposition that you exercise. To do so, you must send a letter to the correspondence address of Mr. BOULOC Robert.
11.6 The User is informed that the Site uses Cookies designed to be used only by Mr. BOULOC Robert.
Thus, each time you connect to the Site, Cookies allow you to record the type and version of the User's browser, the history of his reservations, the products consulted, the dates and times of visits.
To benefit from all the Site's functionalities, it is therefore preferable that the User sets his Internet browser (for example Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, others) so that it accepts Cookies
The user has the option of opposing the recording of these cookies.
Indeed, most Internet browsers allow you to configure the Internet and security options or the User's preferences in order to refuse or disable Cookies, or to obtain a message that will inform the User when Cookies are sent. 
A visit analysis tool is installed on my website, which tracks visits, duration of visit, pages viewed and location, not IP address.
11.7 The personal data of visitors are not kept, the data of participants in training courses and fishing courses are kept at the home of Mr. Robert Bouloc, 10, Rue du Terme Rouge 34570 Pignan, Hérault, France.
11.8 These data are kept only for the purpose of sending good wishes at the beginning of the year.
11.9 No department has access to the personal data files except Mr. Bouloc who has neither an employee nor an employee.
Apart from hacking into Mr Robert BOULOC's website and computer, which is a risk, nothing is disclosed.
11.10 The user clearly consents when completing a form and tick the validation box for the use of his personal data to be recontracted by Mr. Robert Bouloc so that he can make a proposal for internships or fishing courses.
11.12 The user clearly consents to the use on Mr Robert BOULOC's website of his satisfaction questionnaire, which is offered to him at the end of internships or courses, without his NAME and SIGNATURE, for the purpose of promoting Mr Bouloc Robert's activity and improving services.
11.12 The procedure for consulting your stored personal data is simple, you contact me by email and send you back what I have of your personal data.
11.13 The process to change your communications subscriptions and simply you send me an email, I delete you from all marketing communications, even if it has never been done before.

11.14 The process to request the deletion of your personal data (right to forget), you send me an email, I delete your personal data from my list of Interns who have participated in my internships and fishing courses.
11.15 Mr. Robert BOULOC's website is secured by the HTTPS.

12.1 M. BOULOC Robert cannot under any circumstances be held liable if the non-performance or improper performance of the contract is attributable to the Applicant, Claimant, Fishing Trainee or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable event of a third party outside the provision of the Services provided for in the contract, or to a case of force majeure.
12.2 The strict liability provided for in the aforementioned Article L. 211-16 is excluded, in accordance with Article L. 211-17 of the Tourism Code. 
12.3 Unless otherwise provided by law, Mr. BOULOC Robert may under no circumstances be held liable for any damage caused by the Applicant, Applicant, Fishing Trainee.
Any physical, moral, and material damage caused intentionally, accidentally or not, to sea users, fishermen on foot, onlookers, walkers, boats, river users and shoreline owners, or their personal belongings, "during your fishing action", causing physical, moral and financial damage, are your sole responsibility. The same applies to any accidental/intentional or unintentional damage to the natural environment.
Mr. BOULOC Robert declines all responsibility for accidents, events occurring during his services, involving the person or persons present during his services, which bring them physical, moral, material and financial damage to themselves and their personal belongings and those caused by the non-compliance with the rules, instructions and safety attitudes described above, which will be reminded and stated to you on the day of the course and this before the departure in the framework of sporting fishing activities in fresh waters and in the maritime environment, on board and in boats.

In the event that one of these provisions is declared null and void or deemed unwritten, the validity of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not be affected.  

By virtue of his activity and his Statute, Mr. BOULOC Robert Moniteur-Guide professionnel de pêche, has taken out professional civil liability insurance which covers in particular the pecuniary consequences which may fall to the insured due to physical, material and non-material damage caused to the Beneficiary as a result of faults, errors of fact or law, omissions or negligence committed during his activity as a transmitter of supervisory services and teaching activities in recreational or sports fishing up to the 1st level of competition.
But Mr. BOULOC Robert advises you to take out insurance covering your outdoor activities for leisure and sports, if necessary present your insurance certificate to your Fishing Instructor-Guide before the service.

The law applicable to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the contract concluded at the time of a business reservation is French law for all disputes relating, in particular, to their validity, interpretation, execution or termination. 

The competent court in the event of a dispute shall be MONTPELLIER.