Fishing in 2019

The Opening Of The Fario Trout (Wild) 2019

This year, with conditions of tingling, drought, lack of water, low water, clear, the opening 2019 was tending to the difficulty in any case in my region (Occitania). This was the réality! 

Despite this the fishermen were very present and for asking them the question during exchanges welcome, many had had no touch in the morning, as for me by the way. 

For my part I chose a very hard river to fish, or the approach, the holding of line, the positioning, the good drift, the discretion, are capital factors of success. 

I will not mention the name of this river if only to protect it, even if all the fishermen have their chance or not ... The morning passed under a drizzle and a north wind, without a touch.

After a quick meal at 12h00, I went back to the water's edge around 12:30 and changed baits again by going back into a current that I liked and that I had combed 2 minutes before with other baits without success. 

The touch was direct, fast, unequivocal, I was worried because in view of the current, the beautiful fario (that I had not seen at the beginning) and my modest 10 hundredths down the line, the cane dealt the blows head and jump to the height of his reputation, as well as the nylon without fault and without and without reproach to the end, here is the result:

  • Brown Trout 41cm Opening 2019
  • Wild Brown Trout 41cm opening 2019

2nd time and in very close continuity ...

Be bold, persevere, do not let go, concentrate, apply, good presentation. 

On a large dish at the end of a strong current with very little lift of the assembly, the river had widened, so above the downstream where I had to fish the trout above, I was still thrilled, but I do not allow myself to be told by my emotions. 

I had changed my leader after a fight of 5 minutes, it would not accept a second without breakage, so I took the trouble to redo the latter to be ready and ready for any eventuality. 

I did well, here is the result, the second of the day (I took a 3rd of 27 cm, but I released it without making the photo) the one below was 37 cm:

  • Brown trout (wild) 37 cm opening 2019
  • Trout wild 37 cm Opening 2019