Info on my services for the resumption of these

Dear Trainees and future students,

Following the administrative stop that was imposed on us as a result of this virus, on March 15, 2019, we are all waiting for the containment to be lifted.

In this unprecedented and difficult period, I wanted to reassure you about the sanitary measures that I will put in place as soon as the confinement ends and which will be adapted to the resumption of my activities as a Fishing Monitor Guide.

Know that I would put in place security measures, gestures and protocols for YOU, as well as for myself, it is my priority to try to prevent the spread of the virus.

My 33 years of experience as a firefighter can only lead me there and motivate this additional and complementary implementation, of gestures, measures and protocols to try to guarantee your and our health security.

The set is to find us in the best conditions of security, friendly and serene for all my sessions of course placements, guides to fishing.

I would like to reassure you about the resumption of my services which will be done in complementary and additional security contexts which are currently:
- one to the safety applied to the supervision and teaching of fishing in fresh waters and in maritime environments on board and boats usually used (see under C.G Internships);
- two in addition to the barrier measures and gestures decreed by the state which are: washing your hands often with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel, distance from one meter, coughing and sneezing in your elbow, use tissues (and for the moment stay at home);
Of three here are these measures, gestures and protocols:

For you :
- do not come if you are sick (cough, colds, allergies, others)
- you must come with your masks (at least 3 per day), your caps, glasses, latex gloves and wear the set, your handkerchiefs, 2 trash bags for your waste that you will win. Also check your temperature before coming.
- for the fresh water on board, your waders or boots or waders, fishing vest and of course seasonal and change clothes.
- Ditto for the maritime environment on board.

- for services on board, boats, fresh water and maritime environments, the best would be that you come with your rods, reels, lures and accessories, to avoid contact, but if you do not have the equipment, I will lend mine for free .
- in the case of the use of my fishing equipment rods, reels, lures, baits, you will only be able to use a fishing rod and a reel, it is I who will change the lures and set up the baits.
- You will have to rub your hands with the hydro alcoholic gel as many times as necessary, avoid touching the water and the fish.
- In addition, respect the distance instructions between you and me and between you that I will remind you throughout the services.
- wash your clothes in isolation, not with family clothes.

For my part :
- disinfection of rods, reels (with a virucidal product + fungicides STANDARD: EN 14476), lures in a permanent bucket on the boat (bleach diluted to 5%), before, during (if necessary) and after delivery, after washing with soap.
- disinfection of boat surfaces where contact is possible with your hands before and after the services (with virucidal product + fungicides EN 14476).
- Washing of life jackets and flash lamps with soap.
- on the mask wearing boat as for you, we will take breaks by moving away to remove the masks as many times as necessary.

- for fly fishing in the river, or with natural or other baits, we will be able to remove our masks as soon as we distance ourselves, increase between us, after the technical demonstrations, to put back at my approach or that of other people.
- Disinfection of my waders (in fresh water) by bathing in a can of water and product EN 14476. I advise you to do the same (once at home).

For the moment I do not know how many people, I will be able to supervise by boat and / or on board, we are awaiting the instructions from the state.

This list is not exhaustive.

Let's protect ourselves together, yours.