2 days marine shore fishing

hérault fishing in surfcasting
The techniques of the edge that I propose to you are: 
- Rock Fishing (Port and Rip), 
- Surf Casting (Beach, Dike), 
- Shore Jigging (Beach), 
with hard and soft lures (harbor, beach, dyke, rip-rap, canal, pond), - -- the Drawbar with baits and / or lures (port, beach, dike, riprap, canal, pond), 
- Drop-shot baits and / or lures (harbor, beach, dike, rip-rap, canal, pond),
- the Bombette, Buldot, Bullrag (beach, pond), 
- the Quiver (pond).
- the Buzzing (pond)
- the Egging (Port, canal, Dyke)

Duration: 2 times 7 hours. 

For an individual participant: 325 €. 
By participant from 2 fishermen: 250 €. 
By participant from 3 fishermen: 190 €. 
By participant for a maximun of 4 fishermen: 110 €.